What questions to ask when interviewing a realtor?

interviewing a realtor

What questions to ask when interviewing a realtor?

What questions to ask when interviewing a realtor?

When you decide to look into buying or selling a property, it is incredibly important that you find the right realtor to help you navigate the market. Interviewing a handful of selected realtors will allow you to gain insight into the type of work that they do and get some preliminary answers to your many questions. Here are several great questions to ask a potential realtor to determine if you will be a good match.

Question: What are your fees and do I need to sign a contract?

Although the seller is usually the one that pays the commission, there are some cases where the payment must be paid upfront. Knowing this will help provide you an idea of how your money will be spread throughout the process. While there will be no shortage of paperwork when you buy a home, a buyer representation agreement is usually one of the first. It binds the buyer and agent and has details about the expectations of the agreement and provides compensation security if a sale is made.

Question: How long have you been a full-time real estate agent?

A full time agent will have the resources and the time to properly communicate with you throughout the process whereas a part time agent likely has other responsibilities that may impede communication. Also make sure to ask if the agent primarily works with buyers or sellers. Depending on which side you fall, this will give you an idea of how familiar they will be with any problems that occur on each side.

Question: How many clients are you actively working with?

Having a strong sales history will say a lot about the strength of your agent in closing the deal. If they have a good record, that also likely means that they will have plenty of referrals and references that they can guide you too. This is indicative of the connections that they have made with their clients as well as those that they have made in the real estate industry itself. When interviewing a realtor make sure you dive into this question and ask for those references.

Question: How familiar are you with my target location?

If your agent is not up to date with what is going on locally, they are not going to be a strong candidate to help you navigate the market, whether buying or selling. The real estate market moves quickly and is always changing as a reflection of the current economy. Your agent needs to be aware of how the trends will impact your overall goal.

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