Ventura County September Housing Market Overview

Ventura County September Real Estate Market

Ventura County September Housing Market Overview

Many experts predicted that at the beginning of the COVID19 crisis in the U.S there would be seismic changes for the worse in the Ventura County September Housing Market. However, the real estate market in September defied all predictions by professional forecasters. The real estate market for both buyers and sellers and even investors is actually stronger than many predicted. In Ventura County alone there are currently 383 homes for sale, 29 homes are coming up for sale, 621 homes are in escrow and 401 homes were sold in September 2020 compared to 325 sold in September 2019.

For buyers, it is actually a great time to buy a home because interest rates are so low. In fact, with low interest rates it actually cost less to buy a home than it did a year ago before the current pandemic. And although no one knows how long interest rates will continue to be this low, savvy home buyers are taking advantage of this factor. Experts see a positive outlook for the Ventura County home buyers who want to add a property to their investment portfolio or who are simply for a good deal.

The California Association of Realtors makes these predictions for the Ventura County September housing market as well as in the near future.

Mortgage rates will likely remain low, or even fall further as a result of Coronavirus

Financial market volatility could reduce demand for luxury homes, but also create potential opportunities for luxury home buyers

With fewer luxury buyers, there could be opportunities for price discounts for buyers who choose to remain in the market for high-end properties

By selecting the right agent you can take advantage of the opportunities shown above either as a seller or buyer. As a Moorpark realtor, with the best team available, we can help you increase your chance of selling your home under your terms. I can also show buyers some of the finest homes for sale in Ventura County.

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