Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Ventura County RealtorAs a Ventura County Realtor for the last 30 years I have learned many tips
and tricks not only regarding Ventura County Real Estate but also for staying safe
during this time of year. Halloween is such a fun time of year of all ages but
particularly fun for those of trick-or-treating age! We hope you all have a fun time
this year but we also hope that you stay safe! We’ve compiled a short list of tips to
help our local families stay safe this Halloween.

Visibility. It is just as important to make sure that you can be seen, as it is to
make sure that you have clear visibility as well. Make sure young children do not
have any vision obstructions from facemasks or other parts of their costumes. This
can cause young children to wander off sidewalks or trip and fall unintentionally
when their vision is obstructed. Bringing flashlights along for increased visibility
both for you and for others is very helpful!

Clothing. If possible try to incorporate parts of your child’s costume to
include reflective material. Since most trick-or-treating events take place after dark
this can help improve visibility for any vehicles that may be out on the road during
this time. Any flashlights will also reflect costumes with reflective wear you may
have brought and can be very beneficial in neighborhoods where there are limited

Candy. Reviewing your child’s bag of candy before letting them eat it can
help reduce the risk of any dangers that may be present. It is important to check for
any previously opened pieces of candy and/or sharp objects. While it’s unfortunate
that this step must be taken it is an important final step after trick-or-treating.

Stay safe this Halloween and we hope everyone enjoys the start of the
Holiday season!

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