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Improving Your Credit

Your personal credit is an extremely important factor when it comes to applying for a home loan. You will also want to investigate the credit of anyone joining you on your home loan such as your partner. If you have been browsing Simi Valley homes for sale you will first want to take a look at how much house you can afford. The best place to find this out is by applying for a home loan and receiving a prequalification. This will also help make any of your offers stand out much stronger for the seller you are presenting them to. When applying for a home loan the lender will closely investigate your credit so it is best if you know what they will find ahead of time.
You will want to start the process by pulling your own credit report. You can do this for free once per year. Make sure that you review all three credit report bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This will give you the opportunity to review any blemishes that the lender will find anyway and allow you the opportunity to fix them ahead of time. Remember there are five basic pieces that make up your FICO score. Your payment history accounts for 35% percent of your score making it one of the most important pieces. The easiest way to make sure that you never miss a payment is to set-up automatic payments for a least the minimum payment due, but ideally the balance due. Your credit usage accounts for 30% of your FICO score. It is important to use your credit every month so that you can build your score over time, but also in a manageable way so that you can pay it off monthly. The remaining sections account for a smaller percentage of your score including age of credit accounts (15%), credit mix (10%), and new inquiries (10%).
If you are looking for Simi Valley homes for sale but are unsure of your credit score we would be happy to walk you through the process. Many individuals are confused by the entire home loan process, and we want to assure you that you are never alone in the process. You can also regularly review your credit score yourself to make sure everything reported is accurate, just make sure that you only do soft checks so as not to hurt your own score.

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Sell Your Home for More Money

As your local Simi Valley Realtor and Real Estate Team we know this is a fantastic time to be a seller. However, how do you make sure you are getting top dollar? Working with a local Simi Valley Realtor is truly the only way to make sure that you get what your house really deserves. In this competitive market your home is sure to sell, but at what price? We understand that what your home sells for dictates what you are able to do next in life and we want to make sure that your options are open. Below are a few additional things you will want to take into consideration when preparing to sell your home.
Time Your Sale Appropriately: Historically, the end of Spring into the beginning of Summer is the hottest time to sell your home. This is mostly due to families wanting to wait until Summer to uproot their children. During the current market with extremely low inventory there has never been a better time to sell your home than right now – no need to wait until end of Spring or Summer. However, you do want to time the sale of your home based on when it is ready with any repairs or upgrades you may be finishing up.
Make Essential Repairs: In today’s market minimal to no repairs are needed. That being said, you do want to make the necessary repairs that will be called out in an inspection that make the home either dangerous or uninhabitable. An example might be a major plumbing issue that could cause further damage if not repaired. It’s best to just have these taken care of prior to listing so that future buyers do not wonder what else might be wrong with the home.
Consider Curb Appeal: Your homes curb appeal sets the tone for the rest of the house. It is the first thing a buyer sees when they pull up and will set their initial impressions. If you are considering any updates prior to selling, make sure you review your home’s curb appeal.
Set The Right Price: Setting the right price from the start is very important. You do not want to undercut yourself, but you also do not want to blow people away. This is where using a local Simi Valley Realtor can come in handy to help you evaluate your home and the current market to settle on a price that makes sense.
Negotiate The Best Offer: Your home received multiple offers – Congratulations! Now what? You need someone with the skills and knowledge on how to navigate multiple offers and how to negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Money is not always the number one factor when considering all offers.

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Packing Tips to Get You Started

Packing tips to get you started

Packing up your home is a demanding task. Not only do memories start flooding back but you realize exactly how much stuff you managed to fit into your old space. Here are a few packing tips to help get you started.

The All-Powerful List- It is never too early to start packing and one of the best ways to keep yourself on target is to create a packing list. This can be organized by room, days when you know you will have help, or it can be a breakdown of what should get packed first and last. However you choose to do it, keep your list in an easily accessible place like on your fridge. Having a digital copy definitely doesn’t hurt either. You will feel a lot better as you start to check off items on your list and it will also guide anyone who is coming over to help.

Gather your Materials– Cardboard boxes, tape, thick markers, and lots of newsprint or old magazines should start to fill your space. Dedicating an area to be the packing zone is a great way to keep everything together. Start with off seasonal items that can be the first to get put in boxes. Remember to pack as much in a box as possible to reduce the amount of space inside but do not push the weight to over 45lbs for the sake of you, your movers, and any friends that offer to help out.

Keep, donate, toss- One of the great parts about moving is that you really do have to go through everything you own. This is the opportunity to decide what will go with you as you start the next chapter of your life. If you don’t think you will wear that shirt, donate it to a local non-profit. Keeping a donated bag or box will help give you a place to put everything. If the box is full, donate it and start a new one. Do not let it pile up and take up space. Although it can be hard, try to not reminisce about items. It takes up valuable time and if you are thinking about it so much, it should probably go with you to your new home. Toss anything that no longer serves you, that is broken, or that is better off being bought new in your new city.

As you continue to pack, make sure you are talking to your Ventura County realtor about any suggestions they may be able to make regarding movers, packing, or any other questions you might have. If you are looking for homes for sale in Simi Valley, visit us online. We look forward to finding you your dream home.

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The Current Real Estate Market in Simi Valley, CA

The city of Simi Valley is located in the southeast corner of Ventura County, California, United States. Situated 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Simi Valley is part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. The city is near Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and the neighboring city of Chatsworth. Providing a backdrop for the city is the Santa Susana Mountain range and the Simi Hills, west of the San Fernando Valley, and northeast of the Conejo Valley. Let’s take a look at market trends for this highly coveted real estate which is a commuter community feeding the larger cities in Ventura County. There are 27 cities in Ventura County.

Housing Market Trends in Simi Valley, CA

In November 2020, the median list price of homes in Simi Valley, CA was $650K, trending up 6.6% year-over-year. The median listing price per square foot was $365. The median sale price was $665K. The sale to list ratio in this market is currently 100.69% which means that it is a seller’s market. What this translates to is that in November 2020, there were more people looking to buy than there were homes available. Keep in mind however, that the conditions in which to buy a home are still very favorable for buyers given the low interest rates that still prevail across the country. Additionally, homes in Simi Valley, CA sell after 50 days on the market on average. This trend for median days on market in Simi Valley, CA has been steady since last October is down only slightly since last year.

Simi Valley Housing Market Projections 2020 to 2021

The Simi Valley real estate market is expected to improve over the next few years as it has for the past three years. The median list price of properties in Simi Valley, as mentioned above, hovers around $610,000. This trend is likely to continue for the next three to five years. This prediction is based on the Simi Valley Housing Market Projections 2020 and also various local factors.

Of course, finding the perfect new home to live in is about more than simply desiring to do so. It very much depends on engaging the right real estate professional to help guide you through the process. We would love to help you find the perfect home in the right neighborhood for your family. As one of the top Simi Valley real estate team we would love to help educate you on the market.

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6 Summer Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value in Simi Valley

Want to finally tackle that home to-do list that has been sitting around your home for some time? As a Simi Valley Realtor I can testify that Summer is the perfect time to get to it. Not only will it feel great to check things off your “to-do list” at the same time so can also add value to your home by making it more attractive to potential buyers. Here are some fun projects you can tackle this summer.
• Get your yard in shape: You can make your lawn look amazing without being a master gardener. Start by clearing away leaves and other debris. Next mow it, pull weeds and dead leaves and shrubs. You will be amazed at how these little things will add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. If you really want to sculpt your yard into a thing to be envied, you may also wish to visit a nursery to purchase flowers, plants, young trees etc. The time, money and energy you invest in getting your yard into shape will pay huge dividends when it comes time to put your home on the market.
• Repair and refresh any walkways: Cracks in concrete, loose bricks or chipped stones are small things that can make your home look cheap. They can also create a safety hazard for your family and others who visit your property. Consider pulling weeds from the cracks in your cement, sealing those cracks, power washing walkways, etc. You should also try re-paving your driveway if it is in disrepair.
• Add or upgrade outdoor lighting: Ample outdoor lighting not only makes your home look better, it also helps instill in potential buyers a sense of security. If you have a deck or patio, string lights can make it more inviting and help you better enjoy those gorgeous summer nights at home in Simi Valley!
• Paint the exterior: The best time to paint the exterior of your home is in the summer. You’d be amazed at how much a little paint job can add value to your home and how much fun you can have doing it.
• Repaint the interior: If it has been a while since you painted the interior of your home, it is probably time to consider a new paint job. You may even wish to change the entire color scheme.
• Renovate (or update) the bathroom/kitchen: Let’s not neglect the inside of your home. Clean, attractive kitchens and bathrooms are also huge magnets when it comes to selling a home. You can go for a major, professional renovation or you can go small by buying a new vanity, adding a low-flush toilet, re-tiling surfaces, replacing faucets and shower heads, etc.
These are a just a few summer projects you can undertake in order to beautify and increase the value of your home. There are many other things you can do plus apps that can help you envision the final outcome of your efforts. As a local Simi Valley realtor it is my experience that people who take great care of their home get a much better price when it is time to sell. Contact me if you are interested in seeing the value of your Simi Valley home for sale.

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