Packing Tips to Get You Started

packing tips

Packing Tips to Get You Started

Packing tips to get you started

Packing up your home is a demanding task. Not only do memories start flooding back but you realize exactly how much stuff you managed to fit into your old space. Here are a few packing tips to help get you started.

The All-Powerful List- It is never too early to start packing and one of the best ways to keep yourself on target is to create a packing list. This can be organized by room, days when you know you will have help, or it can be a breakdown of what should get packed first and last. However you choose to do it, keep your list in an easily accessible place like on your fridge. Having a digital copy definitely doesn’t hurt either. You will feel a lot better as you start to check off items on your list and it will also guide anyone who is coming over to help.

Gather your Materials– Cardboard boxes, tape, thick markers, and lots of newsprint or old magazines should start to fill your space. Dedicating an area to be the packing zone is a great way to keep everything together. Start with off seasonal items that can be the first to get put in boxes. Remember to pack as much in a box as possible to reduce the amount of space inside but do not push the weight to over 45lbs for the sake of you, your movers, and any friends that offer to help out.

Keep, donate, toss- One of the great parts about moving is that you really do have to go through everything you own. This is the opportunity to decide what will go with you as you start the next chapter of your life. If you don’t think you will wear that shirt, donate it to a local non-profit. Keeping a donated bag or box will help give you a place to put everything. If the box is full, donate it and start a new one. Do not let it pile up and take up space. Although it can be hard, try to not reminisce about items. It takes up valuable time and if you are thinking about it so much, it should probably go with you to your new home. Toss anything that no longer serves you, that is broken, or that is better off being bought new in your new city.

As you continue to pack, make sure you are talking to your Ventura County realtor about any suggestions they may be able to make regarding movers, packing, or any other questions you might have. If you are looking for homes for sale in Simi Valley, visit us online. We look forward to finding you your dream home.

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