Moorpark Highlands: An Overview of Affordable Elegance

Moorpark Highlands: An Overview of Affordable Elegance

As most people know, buying a newer home also means buying into a lifestyle. If buying into a lifestyle of affordable elegance is part of your criteria for buying a home then the Moorpark Highlands is the right place for you. What makes these newer homes in Ventura County, CA so appealing? Let’s take a look at some reasons why choosing to live here could be one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Firstly, The Moorpark Highland communities include:
• Cherry Hill
• Shenandoah
• Pinnacle
• Smart Homes
• Waverly Place

Each of these properties is a component of a complex that is labeled, as the “Highlands.” Each community is conveniently located near businesses, stores and shops. Moorpark Country Club is also nearby with its highly acclaimed 27-hole golf course. Homes in the Moorpark Highlands communities range in size from 1,500 – to over 4,000 square feet.

Since most of the homes in these communities are newly constructed, they include a plethora of amenities for people who desire the finer things in life. Some of these amenities include:
• Large lot sizes (in certain communities)
• Amazing views of the surrounding county and communities especially from two story homes.
• Though subject to change, many of the communities have HOA fees that are reasonable
• Laundry rooms are typically included in these newly constructed homes.
• Mammoth Highlands Park! Such a fun, new park for local kids of all ages to come and play; complete with a basketball court, many swings, and different size slides!
• Many of the homes within the Moorpark Highlands have their own community pools.
• The Amtrak/Metrolink station makes access to shops, restaurants, boutiques within reach so that you easily see and be a part of all the area has to offer.
• Excellent schools, friendly neighborhoods with parks and recreational opportunities so that one never feels isolated even within its various gated communities.
• Community activities such as Movies in the Park at the Mammoth Highlands Park! This is a fun way to bring all local families together for a fun night in the park.

As a Moorpark realtor I know how living in the right community plays a vital role in the decision to purchase a home. Moorpark Highlands includes a number of communities that are up and coming and that surrounds its residents with affordable elegance that inhabitants of other communities would envy. Contact me today to visit a home in one of these vibrant communities.

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