Living in Buttercreek Estates, Moorpark, CA

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Living in Buttercreek Estates, Moorpark, CA

Buttercreek Estates is located in Moorpark, California. Most of the homes there are large, modern, well-kept dwellings that are reasonably price and highly coveted by savvy home buyers in search of a neighborhood that is low in crime and where residents can enjoy a high quality of life. Read below to find out why this neighborhood continues to attract interest from buyers looking for a peaceful place to reside in the Moorpark area.
About the Community

Moorpark ranks among one of the highest rated cities in California in which to do business, the lowest crime rates, and the best places to live based on socio-economic factors. Buttercreek Estates residents enjoy all the perks of living in this idyllic city. Residents of the Buttercreek Estates enjoy the close proximity to Los Angeles, beaches, Santa Barbara, and so much more. Residents also have access to some 19 parks – including a dog park and a skate park – to name just a few of the amenities surrounding the neighborhood. There is even a sports park, with fields for baseball, soccer, and football located nearby.

Homes in Buttercreek Estates

Most homes in the Buttercreek Estates have 4 to 5 bedrooms, are between 2,700-4,500 sq. ft. and were constructed between 1988 – 1998. Moreover, they represent a wide range of time periods and styles to give residents a selection of dwellings from which to choose. In general, homes in this neighborhood are priced between $535,000 and $940,000 and rest on quarter-acre. Homeowners’ association fees are approximately $185.

Schools nearby

Education is a priority in this neighborhood as shown by the award winning schools located there, including Moorpark High School which has won the National Academic Decathlon Championship title four times since 1999..
Entertainment and Shopping near Buttercreek Estates

There is a wide variety of entertainment and shopping establishments near Butterfield Estates. Some of these nearby venues include:
Don Cuco Mexican Restaurant
Szechwan Garden Restaurant
Village Retail Shopping Center
Tuscany Square Shopping Center
Moorpark Town Center
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