5 Spring Cleaning Tips

5 spring cleaning tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air and while you are opening up your windows and enjoying the sunshine, you should also start opening up cabinets, closets and more for spring cleaning. To help get you started, here are five spring cleaning tips.

Tackle the Junk Drawer- Everyone has the one catch-all drawer that collects receipts, broken pencils, charging cables, etc over the course of the year. Take a shallow box, and dump out everything so that you now have an empty drawer and a box full of random items. Now you can sort through your items and shred, toss, or put away the items that accumulated in this drawer. While it will most likely get filled again, it is worth cleaning out now.

Cold to Warm Weather- Reorganizing your closet can be a large task that simply won’t be able to get done in a single afternoon. A great way to start is just by moving your warm weather clothes like short sleeves, skirts, shorts, and dresses to the front of your closet. Your winter clothes can be moved to the back, or be stored away until the weather gets chilly again. Always be sure to keep out a sweatshirt or one long sleeve for that random rainy day in Southern California.

Baseboards- There are very few people who actively clean their baseboards, but spring cleaning is a great time to do it, taking away all the grime and build up that has accumulated during winter. After a pass with the vacuum, warm water and a mild dish soap are all that is needed to clean many types of baseboards. If you have kids that need a chore to do, this is a task that is easy enough for the kids to tackle too.

Flush the Tub- Hopefully you are cleaning the outside of your tub on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of mildew and bacteria, but another place that things build up is in the drain itself. If the water takes a long time to drain, you may want to try this easy method. Boil a pot of water, and add a few drops of dish soap. Pour this down the drain and follow it up with a cup of baking soda and another of distilled white vinegar. About ten minutes later, boil another pot of water and pour it down. This is a natural way to clear your drain that can be repeated multiple times until you get results.

Toys- Kids grow out of their clothes and toys quickly and this a great time to go through their closets and toy box. If the clothes won’t fit, put them aside to donate and the same goes for the toys. This is a great way to declutter areas, especially if you are considering moving in the near future.

Using these 5 Spring Cleaning Tips will help you get on track for organizing your home for the rest of the year. Should you find yourself looking for a Simi Valley realtor, our team has the experience and knowledge to help you sell your home and find you a new one. We are centrally located to serve all of Ventura County. Our website has the latest in homes for sale in Westlake, Camarillo, and more.

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